The Mystery Of Living~

The Black Forest Searching 


Running to nowhere 


Nothing in sight only 


The mystery of living 

Breathing in darkness 

A wondering soul wanting an answer 

Crow lands in front of me staring 

Feeling uncertain to watch or

to walk

It begins to transform to a young woman 

Shapeshifting into a mirror 

I begin to take two steps back 

Breathing deep 

My breath turns into mist

I can’t see crow anymore 
The five of hearts appears 

I take it in and two prominent feelings rise up within me 

Anger and curiosity 

I deserve more than this 

Lost in a forest to know 

A conclusion of truth 

I choose to walk into this alone 

Lost in darkness 

A sign in anger is the way 

Fearing an intuitive feeling of wanting love from others 

Softness in mist 

But the sun still rises.
Nikita Lak’ech 



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